Do not shave your head prior to Chemo. I was told that ABVD, would cause hair loss. But, it did not. I took my son who was i think, age 11 or 12 with me to a kiosk at a mall prior to chemo. There, i tried on wigs, wrote the number down, and, gave it to my son. I told him, ” if i need this wig you and your dad come up here, and buy it for me. ” Well, I never had to tell him to come get the wig.

I sat having chemo with another girl, same four drugs, ABVD, and, she did indeed start to lose her hair. She stopped talking to me, and kept asking me what i was doing that I wasn’t losing mine. I did nothing different than I ever had done. I washed it daily, and conditioned it, and blew it dry. I left it grow, i stopped cutting it, i was just curious. My hair grew down to almost my waist and my chemo nurse kept saying, ” look at your hair.” She was amazed.

I remember that first visit at the onc’s. I was told the drugs i would be on, and, the nurse and oncologist kept repeating i was going to lose my hair. I didn’t care if i lost my hair, i just didn’t want to lose my life. I was a hairdresser for many years, and knew it would grow back, and even if i wouldn’t it didn’t matter to me. I would rather be a bald alive person, than a beautiful corpse.

Well, the girl i sat with, tried the dry shampoos, the ice caps, and nothing worked for her. She was very upset and i felt very guilty sitting with her. If i could had traded places with her, i would had, for it did not bother me, if i had lost every strand.

I strongly, think, people should do what i had done. Before chemo try on the wigs, write down the number of the wig and let it go. If you should need it, and want it, send a love one to go get it for you.

Remember what counts is surviving, who cares what your hair looks like or not.

By the way, I was on ABVD, a total of sixteen months, and, it never worked for me. Which makes me remember a friend, who said, like i had a choice in this matter or not, ” i would rather lose my hair how do you know it is working?” Well, the truth is, you don’t. Not until, you are done with the regimes and you got the scans done. Then, you were know.

I had found out after 2 years, i was misdiagnosed with HD, I always had, NHL, a horse of a different, color, different lymphoma and treated with different drugs.

The only one in it, which would had been of any kind of use for me, would had the B… Bleo, Bleomycin.

The one, A… Adrymicin, caused a heart problem on me.

There are no guarantees in life, take one day at a time, and, before you jump, wait and see what happens. You might not have that side effect, not all of those on chemo, do. I didn’t. I know, others who hadn’t…

Why subject yourself to it, needlessly, just wait. It isn’t that hard to do.

Best wishes.